Risk Assessment

Keeping Our Environment Safe and Clean

Whilst conducting a survey, an Asbestos Risk Assessment is carried out to determine the most appropriate action needed to be taken with any asbestos or presumed asbestos containing materials and is used to formulate a management plan.
The two parts of the risk assessment are:

Material Risk Assessment

This assessment takes in to account each of the following four risk factors:
1. Product type
2. Damage/Condition
3. Surface treatment
4. Asbestos type
Close up of two people wearing hazmat suits collecting Asbestos samples outdoors,
asbestos chrysotile fibers

Priority Risk Assessment

This assessment takes in to account the following risk factors:
1. Occupancy
2. Likelihood of disturbance
3. Exposure potential
4. Maintenance activity
Each part of the assessment is given a score and the total scores are used to determine the outcome and provide the required information.

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