Refurbishment / Demolition Survey

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The aim of the refurbishment/demolition survey is to protect demolition and refurbishment contractors, as well as anyone else involved in a construction project, from accidental exposure to asbestos.

A full sampling programme is undertaken to identify the types of asbestos present in the building and also to calculate approximate volumes of materials involved.

The survey is designed to be used as a basis for tendering the removal of ACM’s from the building prior to demolition or major refurbishment.

There is a specific requirement in The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 for all ACMs to be removed as far as reasonably practicable before major refurbishment or final demolition.

Removing ACMs is also appropriate in other smaller refurbishment situations which involve structural or layout changes to buildings (for example removal of partitions, walls, units etc).

The survey does not normally assess the condition of the asbestos, other than to indicate areas of damage or where additional asbestos debris may be present. However, where the asbestos removal may not take place for some time, the ACMs’ condition will need to be assessed and the materials managed (see Asbestos Management Survey).

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