Asbestos Removal

Photograph of asbestos pipes

Evolution Environmental does not carry out asbestos removal works as our philosophy is to be totally independent and give unbiased advice.

Asbestos in good condition will not necessarily need to be removed as most products made from or containing asbestos will be perfectly safe.

Asbestos was used in many products due to its unique properties, (fire resistance, insulating qualities and high tensile strength). In many cases where it has been utilized, it continues to do its job perfectly well.

However, there are times where it should definitely be removed for health and safety reasons.

The removal of licensed asbestos products can only be carried out by a licensed contractor and disposed of in properly licensed disposal facilities.

The costs of removal can be high, but quotations do vary and we can help to get the right contractor at the right price.

If you need asbestos removing from your premises, it is essential that it is carried out as per regulations and in most cases by properly licensed contractors. Not all asbestos requires licensed removal and the various types of asbestos can be treated differently.

However, just because a contractor is licensed, it does not mean that their advice is impartial and that is where we can help. As independent asbestos specialists we pride ourselves on being able to give advice that is totally impartial and independent.

Do You Really Need To Remove Asbestos?

If you have asbestos located in the premises, it does not mean that you have to get it removed – a number of cost effective solutions could be available to you and this is where independent advice can prove to be invaluable.

A short site visit, provided free of charge, or as part of a normal asbestos survey, will allow us to advise you on the correct and most cost effective course of action.

We can manage your asbestos removal project from start to finish and below are some of the things that we provide as standard.

  • • Prepare tender documents on your behalf
  • • Manage the tender process, selecting the best contractor for the works
  • • Specify the works in line with HSE regulations & your own requirements
  • • Administer the contract
  • • Liaise with HSE on all statutory issues
  • • Project manage the removal
  • • Manage contractor disbursements
  • • Ensure compliance to all appropriate regulations

If you would rather to this yourself, we can arrange competitive quotations from the most reputable asbestos removal contractors on your behalf.

Because we are impartial asbestos experts, you can be certain that the advice you receive is completely objective.

If you require a survey, or are simply concerned about asbestos in your premises, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have an enquiry, or just need to find out more about asbestos?

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