About Asbestos

Asbestos is a term used for the fibrous forms of several naturally occurring silicate minerals which have been exploited for their useful properties of flexibility, high tensile strength, incombustibility, low thermal conductivity, and resistance to chemical attack. Although there are six types of Asbestos there were three commonly used in the United Kingdom in construction products right up until 1999.

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The three common types are:

  • • Chrysotile (White Asbestos)
  • • Amosite (Brown Asbestos)
  • • Crocidolite (Blue Asbestos)

The different types of asbestos cannot always be easily identified so care should be taken when trying to determine which type of asbestos a material is constructed of. Examination should always be left to a qualified Asbestos Surveyor and any samples taken should always be tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

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